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New Year’s Resolution: 5 Fun Fitness Ideas

January 1, 2020

Every year, people make health and fitness New Year’s resolutions. As the new year begins, they follow through with ease for a few days, a few weeks, some even make it a few months.
Others find their resolutions fading fast as they become more drudgery than fun! Well this year, as a new decade begins, Sky High Sports Sacramento has prepped a list of 5 fun fitness ideas which will help you keep your resolutions going the whole year – maybe even the entire decade!

    1. Get More Exercise. As you might have guessed, getting more exercise is the most made New Year’s resolution every year in the United States, and every year it is also the most broken resolution. Now, no one knows for sure why this resolution is so hard to keep, but some speculate winter weather, finding time to head to the gym, and other reasons top the list, but guess what? Sky High is a great place for a good workout that is, well, fun! At Sky High, you can get your workout in a brisk game of Sky High Dodgeball, working your way to the top of the Klime Wallz, or simply Jumping around the Freestyle Court. Sky High is also a great place to get more exercise with family and friends.


    1. Spend More Time with Family and Friends. This resolution may be among the easiest to keep, but in case you need a little help getting everyone on board, invite them to the vast array of family-friendly activities at Sky High Sacramento. Spending more time with family and friends means less stress in your life which is certainly good for your overall health and well-being. Ask friends and family to join in a Dodgeball or Slam Dunk competition or challenge them to ascend the Klime Wallz with you.


    1. De-stress for Your Health and Fitness. Can you think of a better way to rid your life of unwanted stress than joining your kids on the Freestyle Court for Jumping, playing, and lots of family fun? There is nothing better – plus it’s a great way to make memories and bond with your family!


    1. Get Out of Your Old Routine. Being stuck in a boring rut is no fun at all. Get out of your dull fitness routine and into fitness fun at Sky High Sacramento where you can Jump into fitness alongside your family. Join in special family events as well as adults only activities – like Dodgeball leagues and special Jump playtimes for all ages!


  1. Let the Entire Family Get into Fitness Fun. Sky High Sports Sacramento is the ideal location to get the entire family more fit and having fun together. It’s easy and affordable to give the entire family the gift of fitness while making memories together. Plus, you can invite friends to join in special celebrations with unique party packages for every occasion.


With our new 90 minute special, you and your family/friends will be able to Jump and Klimb for $27! During the weekends, you can Jump and Klimb for 150 minutes for the price of $44.

By connecting your New Year’s resolutions with fun family fitness goals at Sky High Sports, you’ll likely keep your resolutions all year long! Join in the fitness fun at Sky High Sports and find your favorite among the Sky High Hoops, Sky High Dodgeball, the Arcade, Klime Wallz, and the Freestyle Courts.